The Holiday Season

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I know I did. Spending it with family and friends was so much fun. I joined into a winter solstice ritual to honor all the goddess of winter and help the souls go back to the light since the dark side of the year is ending.

During the time over my girlfriend's mom's house, she created a prosperity grid to bring in good tides for the new year. 


The big candle is for positive energy. The sphere in the middle is a aventurine, sorry that the stone look so dark. The adventurine is known as the "Stone of Opportunity". Raw quartz and citrine shards where added to help amplify and bring in wealth. At the end, there are bayberry candles that has dragonsblood. Dragonsblood helps boost energy into anything that you are working. Bayberry helps with drawing in money and luck. We started to burn them on christmas eve and on christmas.

What I got for winter solstice / christmas?
  • A goodie bag of things I love, such as coffee
  • A bag for astral travel through meditation; a candle, incense, and a beautiful type of quartz that's from the Himalayan Mountains
  • A $25 giftcard
  • A goddess necklace (I will take a picture of it soon)
  • A oil burner with the pentacle on it. 
I think that's it. I'll add anything that I forget later. Have a happy new year everyone.