Celebrating Imbolc

Once I got home from errands, I cleaned as much of the kitchen as possible, as a way of inviting Brigid into our home to honor her. Much is still to be down but Rome wasn't built in a day as the saying goes. Haha. Sharri, my gf, made Brigid's Magical Bread, Candlemas Pâté and Divinely Spiced Wine.

After the food was done, we went outside to offer the goddess some of the bread and wine. As we stood there under the moon rays we recited a blessing that I found on Brigid's Flame.
Brighid, Exalted One
Goddess of fire and light
Patron of poets, smiths, and healers
Inspiration you bring when you are near
You, whose fire lights the smithy
Where our tools are forged
And our hearth-fire
Where we seek warmth
By your light and radiance many are healed
Daughter of Dagda
Lend us some of your fire and light
Share with us your radiance
Descend on us
Come and bless this site
Aid us and this world
As we journey on the healing path
Goddess of the hearth-fire
We bid you welcome
Hail and blessed be
As she was making the food. I did a spread that my coven posted on our group site. It's called the Brigid's Wheel Tarot Spread.

Representations of each card:

Card 1: This card represents strength. It shows where you are strong in life. It could also be strength acquired after going through a painful and difficult experience. In essence it represents your inner strength.

Card 2: This card represents your desires. Ask yourself what is it that you desire. What are your dreams? This could signify that it is time to live your dreams and start on making those dreams a reality.

Card 3: This card represents healing. It will help you to pinpoint an area of your life that needs healing in order for your strength to continue to grow. It can also help to give you advice about a situation you're currently dealing with.

Card 4: This card represents creative inspiration. Once we've learned what to do in order to heal ourselves, now we must get our creative juices flowing. This card will help you ignite your creative spark.

Card 5: This card represents making plans. Now that your creativity is going its time to figure out exactly how to go about making progress and continue moving forward. Look for consistencies with the cards you've pulled already as they may relate to one another.

Card 6: This card represents new growth. With spring comes new growth. Not only on the earth but also within ourselves. Now that we've started working on making our dreams a reality, we will start to experience growth in our own lives. This card will show us how that might look.

This spread was very insightful and told me that I need to be caution around some people, I pretty much guessed who they where with another spread I did after this one. Here's what my spread looked like;

We were done with everything around 2 in the morning. We haven't decorated our altar to celebrate Imbolc yet but we will do that tonight.